Policies & Public Information

School District Policies & Public Information

Office of Affirmative Action
& Title IX:
Applicable Laws [PDF]
2022-23 Comprehensive Equity Plan SOA
Affirmative Action Grievance Form
Affirmative Action Grievance Procedure – Students
Affirmative Action Grievance Procedure- Staff
Members of the Committee [PDF]
The Role of the Equity Committee [PDF]
Affirmative Action Officer/Title IX Coordinator [PDF]
Selected Policies: Code of Conduct/Student Discipline Policy 5600
Email Policy
Electronic Communicaton – Teachers/Students
Electronic Communicaton – Support Staff/Students
Facebook Privacy Policy
High School Graduation Policy 5460
Promotion & Retention PolicyReturn to Sending School District by Vocational School District Policy 5115
Substance Abuse Policy
Suspension Policy
Tardiness Policy
Website Privacy Policy
Wellness & Nutrition Policy
Public Information Documents: Annual Asbestos Management Plan 21-22

Annual Asbestos Management Plan 22-23

Budget Summary 2023-2024

Budget Summary 2022-2023

Budget Summary 2021-2022

Budget Summary 2020-21 [PDF]

Budget Summary 2019-20 [PDF]

Budget Summary 2018-19 [PDF]
Budget Summary 2017-18 [PDF]
Budget Summary 2016-17 [PDF]
County Approval Letter of Technology Plan [PDF]
District Technology Plan 2016-2019
Education Job Consolidation Monitoring Report (September 2012)
Indoor Air Quality Plan 2022-2023 Policy 1 of 2

Indoor Air Quality Plan 2022-2023 Policy 2 of 2

Mentoring Plan 22-23

Open Public Records Act Request Form
Professional Development Plan 22-23
Approved QSAC Waiver Application

Integrated Pest Management Donald Payne Tech 22-23

Integrated Pest Management Newark Tech 22-23

Integrated Pest Management West Caldwell Tech 22-23

Principal Evaluation System: Principal Observation Instrument 
Assistant Principal Observation Instrument

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