Borrowing from Device Locker

How to Borrow a Chromebook from our Lockers


To borrow a Chromebook from our Lockers, the opening screen will ask if you need to Loan a device or Return one. For Loaning a Chromebook for the day select the Loan Device option.


The next screen will pop up, processing your request.


When processed, you will need to scan your Student ID Badge to register Loaning a device.


Once Scanned you’ll be asked to agree to the Terms and Conditions. This loan is for ONE DAY ONLY and MUST BE RETURNED at the end of the day. If not returned, your loaning privileges can be revoked. 


After agreeing, you will be assigned a locker to pull the loaned device from. A click and a blinking light will active showing you where to retrieve your loaned device.



At the end of the day, to return the device you will come back to the same screen shown in the beginning.



Select return, and you will be brought to the processing screen followed by the screen to Scan your Student ID Badge











After scanning your ID, you will be told what locker to return your loaned device to. It should be the same locker you had borrowed the device from earlier in the day. A click and light will active to show you which locker to return your device to.

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