The Essex County Schools of Technology District is interested in the development of young men and women through athletics. We feel that a properly controlled, well-organized sports program meets students’ needs for self-expression, mental alertness and physical growth. It is our hope to maintain an athletic program that is sound in purpose and will further each students’ educational maturity.

Please contact the Athletic Department with any questions and or concerns at:

Gerhard Sanchez
Director of Athletics
Carmen Maldonado
Administrative Assistant

Essex County Schools of Technology Athletics Schedules

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Essex County School of Technology Athletics Schedules

Newark Tech
West Cadwell Tech
Payne Tech

Sports offered at each school

Newark Tech


Sport   Coach Email
Cross Country Head Andrew Turner
  Asst Maureen O’Neill
Boys Soccer Head Herbert Ramos
  Asst Edward Finnis
  Asst Edwin Oyola
Girls Soccer Head Santiago Salme
  Asst Gisele Correa-Barreto
Girls Volleyball Head Ronni Peguero
  Asst Johanna Valencia



Boys Basketball Head Marques Bragg
  Asst Rob Robinson
  Asst Michael Moussab
Girls Basketball Head Trevor Phillips
  Asst Anthony Rock
  Asst Robert Dolce
Bowling Head Kevin Fremgen
Cheerleading Head Regan Rone
Indoor Track Head TBD  
  Asst Danielle Todman
  Asst TBD  



Boys Volleyball Head Anthony Rock  
  Asst Robert Dolce  
Spring Track Head Andrew Turner  
  Asst Herb Ramos  
  Asst Aldo Nolasco  
Baseball Head Edwin Oyola  
  Asst Sean Romano  
Softball  Head Regan Porter  
  Asst Kelli Warnock  


West Caldwell Tech


Sport   Coach  Email
Girls Volleyball Head Joralis Nivar
  Asst Anne Lauterhahn
Boys Soccer Head Pasquale Pannullo
  Asst Jorge Tuesta
Cross Country Head Juliette Sciavolino
  Asst Janina Wojcik



Cheerleading Head  Bonnie Rogers
Boys Basketball Head  Robert Cole
  Asst  Chris Banquecer
Girls Basketball Head     
Bowling Head  Giuseppe Tesauro



Softball Head Anne Lauterhahn  
  Asst Maxine Kaminski  
Boys Volleyball Head Justin Bevilacqua  
  Asst Natasha Batista  


Payne Tech


Sport   Coach Email
Cross Country  Head Mike Gallo
  Asst Simone Cameron
Girls Soccer Head Christine Cassano
  Asst Lourdes Orellana
  Asst Thomas Patierno
Boys Soccer Head Mariana Ferreira
  Asst Kevin Jagniatkowski
  Asst Chris Balent
Girls Volleyball  Head Natasha Batista
  Asst Kaleysa Vodrazka
  Asst Julian Diaz



Boys Basketball Winter  Brad Howard
Assistant Coach  Winter  Thomas Patierno
Assistant Coach  Winter  Tobias Smith
Girls Basketball Winter  Bill Rogers
Assistant Coach  Winter  Latasha Thompson
Assistant Coach  Winter  Pablo Rodriguez
Cheerleading Winter  Kaitlyn Meyer
 Indoor Track Winter  Mike Gallo
Assistant Coach  Winter  Simone Cameron
Assistant Coach  Winter  Brandon Rajkovich
Bowling Winter  Beverly Morales



 Baseball Head Daniel Rudy  
  Asst Jorge Ruiz  
  Asst Chris Banquecer  
Spring Track Head Mike Gallo  
  Asst Simone Cameron  
  Asst Brandon Rajkovich  
NT/PT Asst Asst Jordan Zagadou  
 Softball Head Michael Garry  
  Asst Jessica Gonzalez  
  Asst Sandy Barrionuevo  
Boys Volleyball Head Julian Diaz  
  Asst Brian Johnson  
  Asst Kaleysa Vodrazka  
District Girls Flag Football Head Thomas Patierno  
  Asst Lourdes Orellana  


Athletic Coordinators

  AC NT Angelina Martinez  
  AC PT Eddie Encarnacion  
  AC WCT Nick Perna  
  AC Ronni Peguero  

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