The Board of Education of the Essex County Schools of Technology recognizes that child and adolescent obesity has reached epidemic levels in the United States and that poor diet combined with the lack of physical activity negatively impacts on students’ health, and their ability and motivation to learn.

The Board is Committed To:

  • Providing students with healthy and nutritious foods;
  • Encouraging the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables, low fat milk and whole grains;
  • Supporting healthy eating through nutrition education;
  • Encouraging students to select and consume all components of the school meal; and
  • Providing students with the opportunity to engage in daily physical activity.

All reimbursable meals shall meet Federal nutrient standards as required by the U.S. Department of Agriculture Child Nutrition Program regulations. All items served as part of the After School Snack Program shall meet the standards as outlined within this policy.

Board Policy 8505 Wellness Policy/Nutrient Standards for Meals and Other Foods

2019 ECST Health & Wellness Plan

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