Azana SallAzana Sall
Azana Sall is a junior in the Medical Assisting program where she is currently learning about the Paget’s disease of the bones. She is captain of the Cheerleading team which she has been for two years. Academically, Azanna has earned A’s and B’s and has good attendance as well. She owes her academic success to her parents who continuously push her to keep up with her school work. Her teachers have played a role as well as they have provided her with the tools necessary to be successful. After high school, Azanna plans on graduating college majoring in Biology. Ultimately, her goal is to pursue Premed in hopes of one day becoming an OBGYN.

Diana EstelaDiana Estela
Diana Estela is a ninth grader in the Automotive Technology CTE where she is currently learning how to change the oil in a car. While she is currently not involved in school activities, she will be trying out for NT’s softball team this upcoming spring. Academically, Diana is a stellar student, earning A’s and B’s. Furthermore, she has really good attendance. After high school, she would like to pursue a career as an Orthodontist. Lastly, Diana views herself as a determined young person yet flexible—she tries to not sweat the small stuff.

Hazel ValentinHazel Valentin
Hazel Valentin is a senior in the Engineering CTE program where she is currently learning about mechanical engineering and how the course can assist her in the field in the future. At NT she is a part of the Yearbook club and outside of school she takes care of her 11-year old sister. Academically, Hazel ranks number 10 in her class. She owes her academic success to her mom who has made sacrifices for Hazel to not only learn English but also to ensure Hazel gets a quality education. Hazel plans to apply to the Institute of Culinary Education in NYC to study restaurant management and pastry. Lastly, with her senior year coming to an end, she describes NT as a place where she learned about relationships, communication, and the importance of time management.

Saighline ToussaintSaighline Toussaint
Saighline Toussaint is a sophomore in the Medical Assisting program where she is currently learning about the different occupations within the medical field. Saighline is also a part of the TEAL program which she describes as being very challenging but enjoyable at the same time. She values the experience in the TEAL center because her teachers dive into material more in depth. Outside of school she attends church. Academically, Saighline currently ranks number eight in the sophomore cohort and has great attendance. Furthermore, she appreciates NT as she has been able to come out of her comfort zone and meet many people. Her post-secondary goals include going to college/university and definitely study Biology. Lastly, she describes herself as shy, intelligent, and creative.


Fleur KaboreFleur Kabore
Fleur Kabore is an 11th grade student in the Automotive Technology program at Newark Tech. She finds the program very exciting and enjoyable as she is learning all about cars. Currently she is learning about robot cars and how to build one. Initially, Fleur wanted to be a part of the Nursing program but states that her teacher, Mr. Finnis has been essential in the Auto Tech program as he treats all of his students equally and additionally, he has a great personality. At Newark Tech, Fleur is involved in the TNT program and on her latest progress report she has earned A’s and B’s. Her post-secondary goals include majoring in Finance and ultimately becoming an accountant.

Giovani RodriguezGiovani Rodriguez
Giovani Rodriguez is a 10th grade student enrolled in the Nursing program at Newark Tech. Being a part of the program has increased his interest in the medical field, in addition he has learned about different interactions in the medical field. Moreover, with the experience he is gaining in the program, he hopes to enter medical school and ultimately become a physical therapist.

At Newark Tech, Giovani describes his sophomore year going very smooth thus far. He really enjoys his gym class and his favorite teacher is Mrs. Santucci who he states takes the time to explain work material bit by bit. He is also involved in the TNT program where he works with Dr. Thomason. Outside of school, Giovani is involved in tennis.

Jaylah BennettJaylah Bennett
Jaylah Bennett is a Senior in the Music Production program. She has been a part of the program all four years of high school and really enjoys it especially this school year as the focus has been on making music and melodies, differentiate notes, etc. At Newark Tech, Jaylah is very involved as she is on the Girls Basketball team, Music, and Dance club. Additionally, her VPA teacher describes her being “the driving force to inspire her classmates in VPA class as she keeps them focused and creative.” Outside of school she is employed by a local church where she teaches how to play the piano to children of ages 6-17.

Her post-secondary goals include studying Neuroscience to become a Neurosurgeon and playing basketball at the college level. Recently, she has earned two offers to play college basketball, one of them being from Labette Community College in Kansas. Lastly, Jaylah is described as hard working, humble, and a student who demonstrates good citizenship.

Naiomi ChinNaiomi Chin
Naiomi Chin is a 9th grade student in the Automotive Technology program at Newark Tech. Naiomi has a high interest in cars and how to fix them as in the future she would like to design cars. Specifically, her post-secondary goals include attending NJIT to study Engineering and ultimately work for TESLA or Toyota.

At Newark Tech, Naiomi is part of the TEAL program, the Fashion Club, and will be trying out for the Softball team this upcoming spring. She is enjoying Newark Tech thus far and feels she is working her hardest to ensure she completes all four years and say proudly she graduated from Newark Tech.


Alondra GalanAlondra Galan
Alondra Galan is an 11th grade student enrolled in the Dental Assistant Program. She exited the ESL program last year which she found to be very helpful in learning English. Her favorite subject this year is British Literature because she gets to learn new words daily and enhance her vocabulary. Furthermore, Alondra owes her academic success to daily studying and remaining very focused. She describes Newark Tech as a fun school environment where she learns new things every day. Her post-secondary goals are to attend Rutgers University and attain a job while working towards her degree.

Elijah EdwardsElijah Edwards
Elijah Edwards is a 10th grade student enrolled in the Auto Tech program at Newark Tech. The sole reason he wanted to attend NT was to be part of the Auto Tech CTE which Elijah has been beyond successful in and other classes as well earning A’s and B’s for the first marking period. He owes his academic success to studying every day. Elijah admits Newark Tech was not what he expected it to be and he is now glad he made the choice to attend the school as he finds the environment to be fun and exciting.

Outside of school, Elijah plays for Weequahic High School’s Football team. He describes himself as goal oriented, responsible, and as someone that knows what he wants. Ultimately, after high school he would like to work as a mechanic while attending college simultaneously to further his career and become a Mechanical Engineer.

Sadie-Ann DusapeSadie-Ann Dusape
Sadie-Ann Dusape is a 9th grade student enrolled in the Introduction to Health Careers program. She enjoys her CTE as she feels the program is for her. Sadie-Ann is also part of The Associate Degree ECC cohort and is a TEAL student as well. Although Sadie carries a heavy work load, she states she is very efficient as she schedules time to complete her work that way she understands it thoroughly. Moreover, she juggles all of her academic duties by creating her own personal schedule that way she does not fall behind and/or procrastinate.

At Newark Tech, she is on the Basketball Team and Music Club. Outside of school she is involved in Baseball, Football, Gymnastics, and Ballet. She states liking to be busy because it keeps her out of trouble. Her School Counselor describes her as hard working, determined, and persistent. Similarly, Sadie-Ann expresses working so hard to prove to herself that she can be successful. Her future goals include earning a scholarship to Hartford University and ultimately become a successful neuron surgeon. She would also like to help out foster families.

Tamera FadaelTamera Fadael
Tamera Fadael is a 12th grade student enrolled in the Business Technology program. She prides herself in being part of the Business program as it has taught her to be professional, how to work well with others and it has given her real-life experiences on how businesses are run. She is currently working on a virtual company where she is learning about all components of a business including but not limited to accounts payable, human resources, marketing, etc.

At Newark Tech, she is part of the National Honor Society and next year she will be trying out for the track team. Outside of school, Tamera is employed by the Maplewood Memorial Library and she also volunteers at The All Stars Project, a community based program in Newark. Tamera is currently working on applying to Howard University and Rutgers University New Brunswick in hopes of moving out and discovering her major.


Aminata TourayAminata Touray
Aminata Touray is a tenth grader enrolled in the Nursing program at Newark Tech. As a Nursing student, she describes the experience going very well as the exposure she is receiving is preparing her for majoring in the medical field and the Sciences upon graduation. At Newark Tech, her favorite subject is Language Arts because she gets the opportunity to write her own stories. She is also part of the Volleyball team and facilitates peer groups in the TNT center. In the future, she would like to get involved in the book club as well. Outside of school, Aminata babysits when she can and is involved in a Medicine Mentoring program.

Diana MoralesDiana Morales
Diana Morales is an 11th grade student enrolled in the Engineering program as well as Newark Tech’s ESL program. While learning the English language was a challenge upon beginning at Newark Tech, she has been able to develop her English skills because of the ESL program which has helped her tremendously. Furthermore, she has earned A’s and B’s for the marking period and has previously earned Honor Roll status as well. Her success is tied to her relentless spirit to always strive for more regardless of whichever challenges that may rise as well as constantly trying to complete her work. After high school, she would like to enroll in a nursing program in efforts to become a nurse.

Geraldine AgudeloGeraldine Agudelo
Geraldine is a 12th grade student enrolled in the Nursing program as well as the TEAL program at Newark Tech. She is currently preparing herself for college by applying to many colleges as well as taking advantage of the TEAL program especially her senior year as there is a strong focus on the college experience. Her post-secondary goals include enrolling in a four-year university and then enrolling into medical school in hopes of ultimately becoming an Oncologist.

She expresses Newark Tech has been really good to her these past three years and states that “School is what you make of it. Usually the class that is most challenging, I put forth the most effort.” Outside of school, she is employed and is very involved in her church where she plays the drums, the piano, and is a bible study teacher for kids.

William FigueroaWilliam Figueroa
William Figueroa is a 9th grade student enrolled in the Welding program. In the program he is currently learning how to do stick welding which he really enjoys. Academically, William is doing exceptionally well as he has attained all A’s and B’s thus far for the marking period. William owes his academic success to his hard work and continuously staying on top of his studies.

At Newark Tech, William is a part of the Robotics Club where he is currently working on making a robot for an upcoming competition. Being a part of the Robotics Club has given William exposure to Engineering which he has a strong interest in. Additionally, he really enjoys his gym class with Ms. Rone. While he states the workouts being tough, he does not mind since it is contributing his health. Overall he likes being a student at Newark Tech.


Vanessa IwuohaVanessa Iwuoha
Vanessa Iwuoha is a freshman in the Nursing CTE as well as part of the TEAL program. She enjoys being a part of the TEAL program especially her LAL class where she gets the opportunity to write which she loves. Vanessa is also involved in NT’s debate team. Further along, she plans to join the book club, the Track team, and Softball Team. Her freshmen year is going well she states as she appreciates the structure NT provides. Additionally, she is so far earning A’s and B’s and perfect attendance. On her free time she enjoys listening to music, taking walks at parks, being with her friends, and writing. Her post-secondary goals include going to college and majoring in Writing and eventually write her own books.

Solanlly JaquezSolanlly Jaquez
Solanlly Jaquez is an 11th grade student in the Carpentry CTE. She loves Carpentry because as she describes it, it is a relaxing environment but creative one as well where she is able to learn something new every day. Currently in the class she is working on a small ship. After school Solanlly assists students who are part of the EL program with homework and English skills. Being involved in this way is personal to her as she was once in their shoes and really understands the challenges of the EL students. Although she was a bit fearful of the change from being an EL student to a Gen. Ed. student, she now appreciates the change as she has been able to grow and overcome barriers. This quarter so far she has perfect attendance and is on her way to attain A’s and B’s. Her post-secondary goals include going to college.

Mariana MirandaMariana Miranda
Mariana Miranda is a tenth grade student in the Business Technology CTE where she is currently learning about Global Business. This school year she plans to involve herself in Newark Tech’s “Coding for Girls” club and Cheerleading team. Her teachers have nothing but nice things to say about her and thus far she has all A’s in her classes and zero absences. She owes her academic success to a recent shift in her personal life which has contributed to her being more attentive and present in her academics. Her favorite subject is Honors Geometry as she finds it very interesting especially since her post-secondary goals include becoming a Math teacher. She would also like to run a restaurant business with her brother in the future.

Bianca AlexandreBianca Alexandre
Bianca Alexandre is a Senior in the Engineering CTE and while she entered NT wanting Engineering, throughout the years she has grown a strong passion for Business and Technology. She is a TEAL student as well. She states that the TEAL program has opened so many doors and opportunities for her and is preparing her for the college campus life. She has learned skills such as time management in TEAL. Bianca is the founder of what is today “Girls for Coding” at Newark Tech. She took initiative and pitched the nationally well known program to her administrators and was able to get their approval to begin the program at Newark Tech. This displays exactly who Bianca is: a leader. She prides herself in having been able to have an impact on other fellow students. She has also been involved as Manager of the Track Team for three years and recently she completed an internship this past summer at Prudential Financial in Newark. Her post-secondary goals include attending college and majoring in Business Information Systems in hopes of becoming a Technology Administrator.

Essence ElstonEssence Elston
Essence Elston is a 9th grader enrolled in the Business Technology program. She is grateful and proud to be a part of the program as she believes her Business class is teaching her essential life-skills such as keyboarding as well as getting a head start on exploring colleges. Essence’s post-secondary goals include attending Rutgers New Brunswick and ultimately opening up her own practice as a Psychiatrist.

At Newark Tech, Essence is part of the Volleyball Team and Book Club. In the future, should her school schedule allow it, she would also like to involve herself in the Robotics Club and Debate Team. Essence enjoys attending NT everyday as she describes the academics to be amazing, staff and teachers being very helpful and loving, and lastly, she appreciates her school counselor Mr. Turner who has included her in all of her academic decision-making. On her spare time, Essence enjoys learning, reading dictionaries, and reading mystery books.

Glory EdiomaGlory Edioma
Glory is an 11th grade student enrolled in the Nursing program. She has found the Nursing program to be very informative and helpful with regards to preparing her for college and the medical field. Moreover, she likes that her teachers are attentive to their students. She carries a rigorous workload having AP and Honors classes but her hard work has led to her ranking number three in her class and attaining a 4.1 GPA.

She runs Track for Newark Tech and outside of school she conducts volunteer work in her church for four hours in which she teaches small children about the bible. Her academic goal for this school year is attaining a high score on the SAT in hopes of getting into an Ivy League university next year. Ultimately, she wants to become a well-known pediatrician.

Nastaisha MckinnonNastaisha Mckinnon
Nastaisha is a 12th grade student enrolled in the Engineering program. She expresses loving her CTE because it is hands on and her passion. Furthermore, while she has learned a lot from her former teacher Mr. Perez, she is looking forward to this year in the Engineering program where she is currently working on a 3-D printing for the Robotics competition. Nastaisha is part of the TEAL program as well where she appreciates getting the college experience. She has earned a GPA of 3.5, and ranks number 61 in her class.

Her post-secondary goals are to major in Engineering and also play volleyball at the college level. This school year she plans on applying to University of New Haven, University of Bridgeport, Penn State, Rutgers New Brunswick, and Fairleigh Dickenson University. She describes Newark Tech being good to her where she has met a lot of cool people. Furthermore, she is involved with NT’s Track and Volleyball team. Lastly, her friends describe her to be quiet, athletic, funny, outgoing.

Nyleen TumacajNyleen Tumacaj
Nyleen is a 10th grader enrolled in the Business Technology program. Nyleen is very interested and committed to this program as she wishes to pursue a career in Communications and Business as well as major in them at the post-secondary level.

At Newark Tech, Nyleen has attained straight A’s thus far and prides herself in doing well in Mrs. Shoop’s Reading and Writing quizzes which happen to be Nyleen’s favorite subjects. She really enjoys being a student at Newark Tech as she describes the school having a friendly environment in which she can also be herself. While Nyleen sees herself to be very shy, others describe her to be friendly, kind, and nice. After school she helps her family and babysits her brother and on her down time she enjoys reading Fiction and Drama books.

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