Special Education West Caldwell Tech Support Services Child Study Team

The Office of Student Related Services (OSRS) mission is to support the academic, social, and emotional wellness of all students by equipping them with resources and fostering knowledge and decision-making skills necessary to become highly motivated, goal-oriented, mindful, and proactive citizens of noble character in a multicultural and ever-changing global society.

The special education department supports the mission of the OSRS by ensuring students with disabilities receive the instruction and related services necessary to succeed in the least restrictive environments. We are committed to challenging all students to pursue academic excellence regardless of any disabilities. Instruction is provided in academic Inclusion, In-Class Support, Pullout Replacement, and Departmentalized settings. Our dedicated Child Study Team members, school counselors, and contracted related service providers collaborate to serve students and to help students and parents develop transitional plans that embellish the academic, career, technical, social, and emotional achievements made during high school.

Dr. Patricia Clark-Jeter
Director of Student Related Services
Email: pjeter@essextech.org
Phone: 973-412-2203973-412-2203, Ext. 2230

Suzanne Sabatino
Transition Coordinator
Email: ssabatino@essextech.org
Office: 973-412-2225973-412-2225
Sophia Freeman
Special Education Secretary
Email: sfreeman@essextech.org
Phone: 973-412-2203973-412-2203, Ext. 2219

WCT Case Managers Title Assigned Student Caseload Email Extension
Joseph DeGiacomo Learn Disabilities Teacher Consultant 9 & 10 jdegiacomo@essextech.org 2245
Nicole Rivera Psychologist Life Skills – Transition – Academy nrivera@essextech.org 2244
Taliyah Joyner School Social Worker 11 & 12 tjoyner@essextech.org 2269
Krutika Jagad Speech/Language Pathologist 9-12 kjagad@essextech.org 2235
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