Social Studies Department

Essex County Schools of Technology


Department Chair: Mr. Chetram Singh

Essex County Schools of Technology


Phone: 973-412-2223


Mission Statement

  • It is the mission of the Social Studies Department of the Essex County Schools of Technology District to instruct and inspire students to become active and informed citizens of this globally interdependent society by means of critical thinking, reasoning and continuous intellectual dialogs amongst diverse members of the educational community.The digital age has transformed social studies education, allowing 21st-century learners to transcend the limits of time and place and experience historic events virtually. By expanding their learning networks through online collaboration with experts and other students from around the world, our students will develop an increased depth of understanding of our global society. At the same time, their understanding of the fundamental principles and values of American democracy and citizenship provide the conceptual framework that allows them to make informed decisions about local, national, and international issues and challenges. 

    The Department will foster a culture of learning allowing creativity, ingenuity, and collaboration through its following goals:

    • Correlation of the importance of historical events; their lasting consequences, and the decision-making process that have an impact on future implications.
    • Identification of the complex interactions amongst individuals, groups, cultures, and how nations contribute to dynamic nature of personal identify.
    • Appreciation of cultural diversity, an overview of world history, and an understanding of contemporary issues.
    • Acquiring knowledge of one’s role in today’s world and one’s place in the world of the 21st century.
    • Discerns fact from falsehood and critically analyzes information for validity and relevance.



Resource Websites

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