The vast majority of classified students are being served in regular programs with support or minimal pullout. The district offers a full spectrum of services and also has programs with special schools. The objective is to provide every student with programs designed to meet his or her needs. Consistent with a student’s Individualized Education Program, Honors and Advanced Placement courses are also an option.

In-class Support

A regular education teacher and a special education teacher work together in general education classes. All students in the class, whether classified or not, receive academic and organizational support.


Pull-out Replacement

These classes are taught by special education teachers and include only special education students. This placement is for students requiring a much more supportive instructional program. Pull-out replacement is offered at every grade level in English, math, science, and social studies, where applicable. Class size is limited by state mandate.


Life Skills Transition Academy

This program is for those students requiring a much more concentrated instructional program. There are program options for students with different learning, developmental and emotional difficulties. While students engage in both in-class support and pull-out replacement courses, classes are designed to address the unique needs of the individual student. In addition to the academic coursework required by NJ DOE for graduation, students engage in practical and functional living skills in order to prepare them for future adult environments in the home, community, and workplace. This program includes a multitude of areas such as CTE skills, daily living skills, community-based instruction, self-care, functional reading, and math.

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