Mental Health Resources

NJ DOE Quick Reference Mental Health Guide

The Quick Reference Mental Health Guide: Social-emotional and mental health supports for students and staff developed collaboratively by the New Jersey Department of Education and the New Jersey Department of Children and Families.  

NJ DOE Quick Reference Mental Health


NJ Crisis Intervention Response Network

The New Jersey Crisis Intervention Response Network (NJCIRN) – Both active and retired police fire and rescue personnel act as trained peer support counselors. The network coordinates a number of teams providing coverage to the entire state. For more information or to request Crisis Intervention Response Network services, call (609)-394-3600.


NJ Children’s System of Care PerformCareNJ

PerformCare is a full-service behavioral health managed care company, supporting members in the public sector. We are committed to providing superior, innovative solutions in behavioral health, developmental and intellectual disabilities, human services, and integrated health programs.

PerformCareNJ’s Website



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