Counseling Services

The Office of Student Related Services’ mission is to support the academic, social, and emotional wellness of all students by equipping them with resources and fostering knowledge and decision-making skills necessary to become highly motivated, goal-oriented, mindful, and proactive citizens of noble character in a multicultural and ever-changing global society.

The OSRS counseling department work to help students navigate the multiple options and pathways to secondary and post-secondary success. Whether students pursue college, careers, armed forces, or entrepreneurship, our counseling team works collaboratively to help all students acquire the academic, career, technical, social, and emotional skills necessary to succeed in high school and beyond.

Features of the Counseling Program

  • Academic Counseling
  • Career/Vocational Counseling
  • College Counseling
  • Community Service
  • Individual/Group Counseling
  • Individual Counseling
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Character Education
  • Social Emotional Learning
  • Parent Conferences
  • Staff Conferences
  • Intervention & Referral Services
  • Referrals – Child Study Team
  • Referrals – Psychological Services
  • Referrals – Outside Agencies
  • Service Learning
  • Testing Administration

College Readiness Information

New Jersey Department of Education Graduation Requirements:


Scholarships And Financial Aid Information

Federal Student Aid:

Scholarship Opportunities

Zaida Guerrero Guidance Secretary 973-412-2203973-412-2203, Ext. 2215
PT Counselors Grade Assigned Student Caseload Email Extension
Denise Calimano 9-12 All English Learners 2218
Watson Calixte 9-12 All Students with an IEP 2220
Watson Calixte 9-12 Abram-Calvache 2220
Denise Calimano 9-12 Camach- Fernandez 2218
Ayanna Mentor 9-12 Fogg- Marte 2256
Gerald Pagano 9&10 Martin-Waife 2271
Mary Larusso-Crincoli 9&10 Williams-Zumba 2216
Mary Larusso-Crincoli 11&12 Martin-Zeas 2216
Nicole Blasco Guidance Secretary 973-412-2203973-412-2203, Ext. 2208
NT Counselors Grade Assigned Student Caseload Email Extension
Marbely Perez 9-12 All English Learners 2276
Andrew Turner 9-12 All TEAL 2279
Andrew Turner 9 A-Z (Non-Teal or EL) 2279
Toni Ann Percontino 10 A-Z (Non-Teal or EL) 2274
Marbely Perez 11 A-Z (Non-Teal or EL) 2276
Toni Ann Percontino 12 Abdul-SalaasRivas 2274
Andrew Turner 12 Robinson-Wilson 2279
Toni Evans Guidance Secretary 973-412-2203973-412-2203, Ext. 2232
WCT Counselors Grade Assigned Student Caseload Email Phone Numbers
Sherri Axelrod 9-12 All English Learners 2278
Louis Raniero 9-12 All Students with an IEP 2244
Louis Raniero 9-12 Shared-Time 2244
Sherri Axelrod 9-12 A-Z (Non SE or Shared-Time) 2278
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