Code of Conduct

Students and parents are asked to recognize that standards are put in place to create a school culture that fosters successful learning and a safe and productive school environment. The Essex County Schools of Technology Code of Conduct is based on five principles for its students. Students must:

1. Actively pursue learning.
2. Contribute to classroom and school activities.
3. Respect themselves.
4. Respect others.
5. Respect school property and the property of others.

A full explanation of Code of Conduct and consequences is available on the Essex County Schools of Technology website at:


1) After School Detention: Students may be assigned after-school detention by teachers or school administrators for failing to maintain academic or school conduct standards. Detention lists are posted daily. It is the student’s responsibility to inform their parents or guardian that he or she has been assigned detention and to attend the after-school session on the day it is scheduled. If a student does not report to the after-school detention, Saturday detention will be assigned by the building administrators.

2) Saturday Detention: Saturday detention is held on Saturday mornings from 9 a.m. to 12 noon at the Newark Tech Campus at 91 West Market Street, adjacent to Essex County College. The purpose of Saturday detention is to avoid out-of-school suspension whenever possible and to act as an escalating sanction for issues related to academics or Code of Conduct infractions.

3) Student Probation: Student probation consists of three days of after-school detention. Parents will be notified and a phone conference will be required.

4) Out-of-School Suspension: Out-of-school suspension is the strongest sanction short of the return of a student to his or her sending district. Any student who is suspended more than three times during his or her four years at ECVTS will be returned to his or her sending district.

Student suspensions will involve the participation of the guidance counselor, school administrator and potentially the school-based intervention services and referral team. Parental involvement is also required when an out-of-school suspension is necessary.

The procedures associated with out-of-school suspension are:

1st Suspension

  • A mandatory re-admit parent conference is required. At this meeting, the principal and his or her designee will review the nature of the suspension and its implications for school progress with the parents or guardians. This conference may also result in exclusion from participating in school activities such as: prom, field trips, sports, clubs, pep-rallies, shows and graduation.
  • A student contract will be issued and signed by the student and parent or guardian.
  • A mandatory counseling session with the guidance counselor or outside agency will be scheduled based on the nature of the infraction.

2nd Suspension

  • A mandatory re-admit parent conference is required. The Intervention and Referral Services Team will convene a meeting to assist in developing a plan to support student progress, academic, social and emotional development. The plan will identify expectations and resources. The student and parent or guardian will be required to sign the plan, along with school personnel.

3rd Suspension in a School Year

If a student receives a third suspension in a given year – or fourth school career suspension – he or she will be returned to the sending district.

  • Parents or guardians will be contacted and to obtain transfer papers from the guidance office.
  • All school property, including uniforms, calculators, books, etc. will be collected.

Appeals Process

Parents or guardians may appeal the decision for a student’s return to the local district. In order to appeal, the parent or guardian must place the reason in writing to explain why the school’s decision was not properly made and why the student and parent/guardian are seeking to have the decision overturned. The appeal must be made to the Superintendent.

Zero Tolerance Policy:

Possession of a weapon or controlled substance with intent to sell on school property or a bomb or death threat will result in automatic return to the local school district and an immediate complaint filed with the Essex County Sheriff’s Department. The ECVTS maintains the right to return students to their sending district immediately upon the occurrence and severity of certain actions that threaten the safety and welfare of others.

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