Essex County Schools of TechnologyNorth 13th Street Tech is one of America’s most outstanding and rapidly growing Vocational/Technical High Schools. The core purpose of North 13th Street Tech is to lead and support the never-ending improvement of student achievement with a specific focus on exceeding nationwide expectations, staying ahead of global technological changes, and closing achievement gaps. Our objective is to contest traditional notions of a vocational high school graduate by providing an uncompromising and rewarding education for all our students and to reverse underachievement in students performing below their potential.

Our demanding and diverse curriculum allows students to develop exceptional academic and technical skills. In addition to our state-of-the-art technical and vocational courses, our students participate in multiple levels of exceptional academic course work which includes honors, technical and college preparatory level classes. North 13th Street Tech also offers inclusion and special education courses for students with varied educational needs.

North 13th Street Tech operates under class schedules which include 40 and 60 minute periods, 80-minute blocks, and concentrated career and technical education (CTE) 2-hour block courses. This schedule allows our students more time on tasks and gives teachers opportunities to practice ground-breaking pedagogical methods such as cooperative learning, differentiated instruction, alternative assessment, and inclusive guided practice. The techniques used for learning are reflective of real-world scenarios students will be inevitably forced to embrace in their careers. In addition to standard academic course offerings, we provide students with limitless amounts of before and after-school tutoring programs that utilize federal resources provided by No Child Left Behind and the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. All of our courses address the New Jersey Core Content Standards in an effective and well-organized routine that requires students to engage in collaborative interdisciplinary activities that foster interpersonal, teamwork, communication, and critical thinking skills.

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