• All assignments must be fully completed.
  • Proper heading is always required.
  • No folded, wrinkled, torn or smeared work will be accepted.
  • Grammatical errors should be minimal relative to spelling, capitalization, punctuation, indentation and usage of margins.

When is homework due?

All Homework assignments will have a due date from your instructor.
Full credit for homework assignments received on the due date. (Day 1)
Half credit for homework assignments received one (1) day after the due date. (Day 2)
No credit (0) for homework assignments submitted after Day 2.
Missed Homework will not be assigned by the instructor at the end of the Marking Period or Semester for make-up or extra credit.

What if I am absent?

It is the student's responsibility to obtain assignments that are given during an absence. After you return to school, you will have two (2) days for each assignment missed to submit the work to your instructor. If you have an extended illness, it is suggested that you or a parent contact your teacher through, Guidance Office, or the Main Office for teacher contact information (973-412-2242). It is your responsibility.

If you are dismissed early or scheduled for any school sponsored program where you are excused from class such as meetings with counselors, athletics, field trips, club activities, and/or other special events, it is also the student's responsibility to obtain homework prior to dismissal and submit them in class the next day.

What happens if I don't turn in my homework?

If two (2) or more homework assignments are not completed, phone calls will be made to your parent or guardian. Additional missed homework assignments can result in a Saturday detention.

***Homework that is not turned in on time or at all hurts your total grade.***

How does the teacher figure out my total homework grade?

Your homework grade percentage (%) is the number of assignments that you handed in divided by the total number of assignments given for the marking period. Your total homework grade counts as a percentage (%) of your final grade for the marking cycle. This percentage is determined by the curriculum guide for your specific course. Make an appointment with your instructor to see the curriculum guide for your class.

How important is completing homework to my cumulative GPA, class ranking, and employers?

Loss of valuable points from completing homework can be damaging to your Grade Point Average (GPA) and class ranking. GPA is calculated for all 4 years of school, not just the 12th grade and is used by colleges and trade schools for admissions purposes. Employers want to know that you can complete assigned work and meet deadlines by turning the work in on time.

Remember: Work hard, all the time. Don't wait until 12th grade. It may be too late.

Effective September 1, 2006

The Following Policy is in Effect for Cellular Telephones:

  1. All cellular phones must be turned off before entering the school building;
  2. Cellular phones must be placed on the top shelf in your locker and remain off during the school day;
  3. All phones can be turned on after you exit the school building.
  4. If there is a situation where you need to contact you parent/guardian we will assist you in the Main Office.

Strict adherence to this policy will be enforced throughout the school year. Violations of this policy will result in a suspension.

Effective September 1, 2006

The Following Policy is in Effect for Student ID Cards:

  1. All students must have their ID card on a lanyard and visible at all times (exception: physical education class); Detentions will be assigned to students w/o visible ID cards.
  2. Students without ID cards may not be admitted to the building (Do not leave your ID in your locker);
  3. Lost ID cards must be replaced immediately (Replacement cost= $2)

Visitor Procedures:

  • All visitors must provide identification and sign in at the Security Desk, where they will be given a Visitor's Pass
  • All Visitors must report to the Main Office where the appropriate visitation will be arranged.
  • At no time are visitors to be unescorted when in the school building.
  • All visitors must be in proper attire for an educational school setting. Any individual with inappropriate clothing will be asked to reschedule their appointment.
  • Visitors are not allowed to interrupt the Instructional Program. Meetings with teachers must be scheduled during prep times.