West CaldwellThe Essex County Vocational-Technical School located in the Township of West Caldwell is a high school of significant prominence in our geographic region. Serving the 22 municipalities of Essex County, our school provides a rigorous academic and technical program that encourages and supports students to respect our proud past as well as meet the challenges of a changing world. Blending a traditional program with a career and technical program provides a vision for the future.

West Caldwell Tech defines excellence and boasts a comprehensive general education program that continues to expand and never waivers from providing the finest educational opportunities to all students. Our full time academic program is driven by the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards and provides all of the state-mandated requirements for admission to both two-year and four-year colleges. Each year all graduating students throughout the State of New Jersey are required to demonstate mastery of these standards as measured by one of the various state instruments. West Caldwell Tech implemented a school-wide plan spearheaded by our Language Arts and Mathematics departments to improve student academic performance, by providing rigorous instruction, comprehensive formative assessment, and participating in high quality, ongoing professional development. In June, 2009 our school community celebrated a proficiency rate of 93.3% in Language Arts Literacy and 86.6% in Mathematics for our general education population. The graduating Class of 2009 embraced the expectations of achievement established by previous classes and, consistent with past trends, post secondary plans included the continuation of education after high school for most students. These impressive results serve as the blueprint for increasing student success at all educational levels.

As the only school in Essex County to provide a shared time aspect to its program, our vocational-technical offerings are what delineate us from the traditional offerings of the local comprehensive high schools. The ability to obtain marketable skills in areas such as Culinary Arts, Cosmetology, Business Technology, or Automobile Technology, while obtaining a first rate academic education, is critical in the ever changing and challenging global environment.

The school's goals reflect our efforts to bridge traditional values with "cutting edge" programs, formative assessments, and the meaningful infusion of technology across the curriculum to focus on goals and objectives that promote the concept of a visionary academic high school. Proactively communicating this vision with all stakeholders, along with the elimination of a "tolerance for failure" attitude and a zero tolerance for drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and violence, conveys our mission to provide a safe environment conducive to the pursuit of academic excellence.

Every effort is being made to assist all students in reaching their fullest potential. West Caldwell Tech remains committed to being recognized as a prominent educational institution in the surrounding area. Built upon a foundation of excellence, with an infrastructure that includes a professional staff second to none, our vision for the individual and collective success of our students and school community will be achieved.

Who are we? We are a dynamic, diverse and growing high school option in Essex County and we are waiting for you to discover us!